Daddy Vs: the Week of June 25th

This week was a creative black hole at With kindergarten now at an end, I was mostly on crowd control all week. Taking care of an infant is easy; entertaining a six year old is not.

To that effect, I only wrote two articles this week. The first, entitled “Daddy Vs: Summer Break,” detailed my game plan for survival this summer.

I also ranted about medical bills in a post that got me banned from a subreddit (not a thrilling story, really).

This week, who knows; maybe imposing a little more structure on my blogging will be a good thing. I’m currently working on a piece about why I love fighting games, as well as a playthrough of Ultima, Runes of Virtue for the NES, a game that I missed back in the glorious 1980s.

I also have a dessert receipe idea that I’d like to try. It’s a simple spin on classic Rice Krispiesrispie treats involving alternative cereals.

As always, thank you to my readers. Without you, this blog would just be casting stones into a really deep well.