Sweep the leg…Daniel?

Alright YouTube, what the Fuck is this? Daniel Larusso’s Arch nemesis, Johnny, is back! In a world where Donald Trump is president, and women hate Ryan Seacrest, I guess it makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong. The premise may actually be legit. Johnny can’t seem to get past his humiliating defeat at the hands of the Karate Kid, who’s only training was being Pat Morita’s housekeeper. There’s something arguably human about that; middle aged men live out their glory days in tedious and destructive ways all the time. Like a 37 year old who blogs about Nintendo.

It’s just that something about this trailer seems…off.

When did Daniel-San become an alpha male? The trailer gives our hero an emotional depth and maturity just shy of a tissue box. And is he a used car salesman?

Meanwhile, Johnny looks like a cross between a segment of bum fights, and Akuma, Street Fighter’s master of the fist.

And what’s with Cobra Kai’s new student body? Apparently they let just anyone in. Except they’re all moody badasses. Even the Jonah Hill look alike in the background.

Lets hope YouTube Red plays up the comedy aspect rather than the drama, because based on the trailer, there’s a lot of pain in this dojo.



*All credit goes to YouTube Red for the teaser trailer, and Sweep the Leg, Johnny, respectively.


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